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The Gritty Spur

Woven Black Nylon Mule Tape Halter - 'Royal Flush'

Woven Black Nylon Mule Tape Halter - 'Royal Flush'

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Woven Black Nylon Mule Tape Halter - 'Royal Flush'

This mule tape halter is the perfect accessory for your equine friend. This halter features a wide two-toned brown leather nose band with a hand painted 'Royal Flush' design in the center. The light brown leather inside border on the noseband has hand painted red and black card suits, perfect for any card enthusiast. 

The black nylon body of this halter is designed to provide your horse with the next level of comfort, with woven crown and cheeks. This halter comes equipped with a removable 8' lead. Halter has tassel ends at the tie point and tassels on the removable lead for an extra wow factor. This halter is lightweight and excellent for groundwork or any other in-hand training.

  • Removable 8' lead with tassel
  • Royal flush - poker inspired noseband
  • Woven black nylon
  • Two-Tone oil finish
  • Woven cheeks and crown 
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