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The Gritty Spur

PRE ORDER Fly Boots !

PRE ORDER Fly Boots !

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Our PRE ORDER Fly Boots are the perfect solution for keeping your horse protected from pesky flies. With a variety of sizes and colors to choose from, our boots are not only functional but stylish as well. Designed by our own Gritty Spur brand, you can trust in the superior quality and durability of these boots. Delivery is expected by mid July



Length 6.5 inches
Bottom Circumference 8.5 inches
Top Circumference 10.0 inches


Length – 9.5 inches
Bottom Circumference – 11 inches
Top Circumference – 12 inches


Length 13.75 inches
Bottom Circumference 13.5 inches
Top Circumference 17.5 inches


Length 14.5 inches
Bottom Circumference 14.5 inches
Top Circumference 18.5 inches


Length 15 inches
Bottom Circumference 15 inches
Top Circumference 19.5 inches


Length 16.5 inches
Bottom Circumference 16 inches
Top Circumference 20.5 inches



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