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Electric Aces Black Nylon Bronc Nose Halter

Electric Aces Black Nylon Bronc Nose Halter

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Electric Aces Black Nylon Bronc Nose Halter

This classic nylon halter is perfect for any rider who wants to add a pop of color to their horses' tack. The halter features a bold and fun design that is sure to turn heads everywhere you go. The leather noseband's electric blue background creates a striking contrast against the hand painted card suits, horseshoes, dice, and four of a kind ace design. A few bedazzled gems along with red, black, and white bedazzled conchos are the perfect finishing touch to this poker inspired halter. 

The halter features a black nylon body and provides a snug fit with its double adjustment points. With an added bronc noseband, this halter ensures a higher level of control and safety for your horse, making it ideal for training or everyday use. The sleek black color adds a modern and stylish touch, making it the perfect accessory for any equestrian enthusiast, whether professional or casual. This halter adjusts on both the nose and crown with pre-punched nickel-plated holes to ensure a perfect fit for your horse. Featuring brushed nickel hardware on the two adjustment points and a throat-latch snap that is built to withstand even the toughest riding conditions.

  • Horse size 800-1100 lbs
  • Poker inspired design
  • Black nylon
  • Adjustable crown and nose 
  • Buckle under chin
  • Brushed nickel hardware
  • Clip at throatlatch for easy on/off
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